Traveling Light

Traveling Light

PrAna kohl dress
94,165 KRW –

Maeve button front blouse
97,545 KRW –

Splendid ankle length skirt
119,710 KRW –

Lululemon clothing
97,545 KRW –

Lululemon sports activewear
89,785 KRW –

Athleta tight
82,025 KRW –

Uniqlo shorts
24,430 KRW –

Teva adjustable strap sandals
55,125 KRW –

PrAna jacquard handbag
65,345 KRW –

100 leather belt
42,120 KRW –


Learning About Urban Gardening


IMG_1094Recently my school was invited to a professional development day, meaning we were all obligated to pick from a host of seminars to sit in for the day. I passed up the reading and writing related seminars for Urban Gardening and Mindfulness in the Classroom – both of which ended up being great choices.

For the Urban Gardening information session, we were bussed to a neighboring international school (Chadwick) to chat with two teachers there who started the school garden about four years back. They covered the resources they used to set up their garden as well as integrating the garden into various learning standards for the students.

The garden itself was a project designed by students, so the layout of the garden was a learning opportunity. The school also grows the plants from seed rather than buying starters. They said this saves money, but didn’t catch if they use this as curriculum too. I’d imagine this step could be incorporated into an elementary science unit.  Continue reading

Roxie’s Gotcha Day – 1 Year

It’s been one whole year since we adopted Roxie!!!

In celebration of the milestone we took Roo for a hike in the (almost!) spring weather, let her roll around in some dirt, gifted her a brand new stuffed animal tug toy, and she even (unfortunately) got to partake in her favorite pastime of eating horse poo.

We are so grateful for our little puppy and her infinite cuddles and love. She started out so shy with us but now she’s the biggest cuddle bug. Her regular routine leaves her lodged right between us every morning in bed.


And I still can’t get over her goofy cuddle noises. They bring me infinite joy: Continue reading

Flashback Part 2: El Nido

IMG_6807While the beginning of our El Nido trip was rainy, the end of the week saw a brief respite in typhoons. It was beautiful even with the rain, but better with the sun.

We spent an afternoon renting kayaks and paddling around the bay. The process for renting kayaks was pretty sketchy; because of the typhoons and the high waves, a lot of the outlets were refusing to rent kayaks. We checked in with a few places and were refused, even though we kept insisting we just wanted to paddle around the bay. In better weather, you can take the kayaks across to the other islands, but with the high waves the operators thought we might try anyway and capsize. We finally found a small restaurant with a few kayaks out back and assured the man that we wouldn’t go out past the bay. 
img_0287 img_0284 So we just paddled around the boats and out to the edge. The waves were really high once we got near the mouth of the bay, but we stayed in obviously safe areas and enjoyed paddling. None of us are expert kayakers so we were thrilled enough with just hanging out in a boat in the water.   Continue reading

Flashback Part 1: El Nido

It’s been a cold and loonngg winter, so naturally I’ve been daydreaming about warmer times. And trying to convince myself they actually exist. Could it really have been that warm? In an effort to remember, I was perusing through pictures from our trip to El Nido last year. With the bustle of the summer we never got around to blogging it, but I’ve found it invaluable to look back at old travel posts and remember the details, so I’ll reminisce in a post.


We flew from Seoul to Manila on Cebu Pacific on a 10 PM flight, and of course chose the discount airline that kept the lights on the entire time and blared repeated sales pitches over the loud speaker for Cebu Pacific paraphernalia. For four hours. We landed with a 6 hour layover until our next flight with the intention of sleeping in the airport, but there was nowhere to sleep. The floor was covered with passengers and we couldn’t find anywhere left comfortable or out of the way, so we hung out at a tea shop in a daze until our next flight. 10590679_10152237552206674_7505176778808914224_n

We landed in the tiny airport in Puerto Princesa, Palawan with the plan to take the bus to El Nido, but when we landed we were immediately approached by van providers and figured we would give it a go rather than make our way across town to the bus station. Thus we were ushered into a van for the most terrifying five-hour drive, with our driver hurling around corners and honking at dogs in the road without hitting the brakes. We did make it about two hours earlier than other vans. Continue reading

Kohlrabi Ginger Mandu

img_1008Every week we get a delivery from a local CSA share (Gachi CSA), so frequently previously unknown veggies will show up on our doorstep and we get to be inventive. We first got kohlrabi a few months ago and our friends shared a recipe for veggie pancakes. However, we had a lot of leftover mix and used a bit of the veggie pancake mix as dumpling filling. This time we went straight for the dumplings, using Korean mandu wrappers bought at the grocery store.

img_0996We used one kohlrabi and two fingers of ginger, starting by peeling the kohlrabi and ginger then using the grater. Being impatient, I ended up peeling most of the kohlrabi into little pieces with the peeler, but they ended up a bit too big for dumpling filling. Next time we’ll stay patient and grate it all.  Continue reading

Hiking Cheonmasan

img_0923This weekend we decided to take Roo out for a hike. We haven’t been out since the fall and thought she could use an adventure. Although we walk Roo frequently I also thought it would be nice to get out of our normal paths in the neighborhood. img_0935One of our favorite hikes nearby is close to Gimpo airport and consists of a network of parks and easy trails around and up a small mountain. It’s a short 4 stops away on the train. Unfortunately when we got to the subway station we couldn’t convince Roo to get in her bag for the train ride – not surprising since we neglected to practice putting her in her bag since our last hike months ago. So with a change of plans we took a taxi to a mountain pretty close to us for a hike. img_0896img_0937The weather was surprisingly springy (what a mean trick for the end of January – we still have months) and we were happy for the respite from the cold and wind. As always, Roo and Ryan were bounding up the mountain while I slowly made my way up the steep hillside. Continue reading