Korean-less In Korea

So…here we are, fresh off the plane in Korea, making our semi-obligatory arrival post.  Turns out, being able to read hangul (the Korean alphabet) does not directly result in being able to speak with anyone.  At all.  We are very good at thanking people and saying hello, though.

Still, reading hangul did allow us to order some tasty udon noodles with squid and deliciously spiced ramen with kimchi. And it allows Brittany to sound out Korean words like a 4 year-old, probably pronounced awkwardly and incorrectly. We don’t know because even if we pronounce something right we don’t know what it means.

We are staying in Incheon (a city a little outside of Seoul) for the first few days and have spent a lot of time walking to random places.


walking in the park



outdoor exercise equipment!





we were surprised to find large farms growing in the backyards


and we are very impressed with the adorable law enforcement

For those who were curious, Finding Nemo is good anywhere in the world.


3 thoughts on “Korean-less In Korea

  1. Gwenne Castor

    Looks like you can stay in shape:) Kerrie has a friend who just moved to Korea to teach. Maybe you and Ryan can meet him. You will have a great experience and also learn the language as time goes on. Enjoy exploring! Aunt Gwenne and Jim

  2. Joe

    It looks like you both are already having fun. Who would of thought Ryan would get a free outdoor gym membership.


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