Garak Market

A measly three subway stops from out apartment lies Garak Market, a food market sprawling across 543,451 square meters. It has been on our list of things to check out for a while, and we decided to head out on a sunny morning last Sunday.


I read that it would be packed and busy, but as we wandered into the fruit section at 11 AM many stalls were just getting set up and rather than crowds we just encountered a few families perusing the fruit and vegetable stands.

IMG_5646 copy

IMG_5652 copy

We were quite mind-boggled by the huge amount of food ready to be sold at the market, but this made sense when considering about 130,000 people on average visit the market every day (at least, according to Exploring Korea).

IMG_5649 copy

It was surprisingly beautiful with all the different colors and fruits piled high, and a great place to people-watch and wander.

IMG_5647 copy

IMG_5648 copy

IMG_5651 copy
IMG_5653 copy

IMG_5655 copy

IMG_5663 copy

After leaving the fruit section, we headed toward the fish market. The fish market was much busier, and was full of seafood, dead and alive. We pushed through crowds as people pointed out choice fish, squid, lobster, and octopus. I looked away squeamishly as a man threw a flopping fish to the ground.

IMG_5671 copy

IMG_5682 copy

IMG_5688 copy

Trying to avoid getting run over by forklifts, we walked around for a while longer. We missed a lot of the hustle-bustle of the market, and didn’t attend any of the auctions, but did have a nice morning stroll around Garak.

IMG_5693 copy

Oh, and we said hello to these friendly guys:

IMG_5700 copy

IMG_5666 copy



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