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Roxie Learns About the Birds and the Bees

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When we got Roxie, she loved being outside, but long walks were not her forte.  A week after adopting her, we walked her to Olympic Park and back (about 4 miles round trip).  She slept solidly for the next two days.  Within a month we were walking to Olympic Park regularly and Roxie was ready to play again after a drink of water at home.  After that we started to work on running.  Unfortunately for me, Roxie has to sniff everything when she is with just me or just Brittany, so she can’t run alone, but if we run together, Roxie can run about a kilometer now without stopping, and anytime we go up or down stairs we go at full speed.  We always break into a run for short intervals during walks. Continue reading


Honey Chip Ice Cream

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One of our favorite dessert discoveries in Korea has been Honey Chip Ice Cream. Basically,  a piece of honeycomb is just chopped directly off a huge honeycomb block and placed on your ice cream, with the warning of the possibility of bees stuck in the honeycomb (luckily we haven’t experienced this yet). Continue reading

Kaite Visits Seoul

Kaite Visits Seoul

On April 5th Ryan’s sister, Kaite, who was on her way to travel in Thailand, had a 12-hour layover here. We met her in the morning for a quick jaunt around Seoul.

After meeting Kaite way too early for Seoul (which usually wakes up around 10 o’clock in the morning, including the opening of Starbucks), we started near Yeouido Park, thinking we could catch some views of the cherry blossoms. But without proper research somehow never made our way to the actual park. Instead, we walked around the Han river, Kaite getting to experience the strange blend of a K-pop show and foot race.

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After a quick wander around the area, we caught a cab to Namsan, where we did find a lovely park full of cherry blossoms. Two years ago Kaite visited us in DC when the blossoms were blooming, and came just in time again this year. Continue reading