Kaite Visits Seoul

Kaite Visits Seoul

On April 5th Ryan’s sister, Kaite, who was on her way to travel in Thailand, had a 12-hour layover here. We met her in the morning for a quick jaunt around Seoul.

After meeting Kaite way too early for Seoul (which usually wakes up around 10 o’clock in the morning, including the opening of Starbucks), we started near Yeouido Park, thinking we could catch some views of the cherry blossoms. But without proper research somehow never made our way to the actual park. Instead, we walked around the Han river, Kaite getting to experience the strange blend of a K-pop show and foot race.

IMG_5981 copy

IMG_5982 copy

After a quick wander around the area, we caught a cab to Namsan, where we did find a lovely park full of cherry blossoms. Two years ago Kaite visited us in DC when the blossoms were blooming, and came just in time again this year.

IMG_5984 copy

IMG_5986 copy

IMG_5988 copy

IMG_5989 copy


IMG_5993 copy

IMG_5997 copy

After coming down from Namsan we had a nice afternoon over coffee and ice cream before Kaite caught her flight to Thailand. It was so wonderful to be able to see Kaite, even for a short time. Although I got to visit my family in Indiana in December, Ryan and I both haven’t been to Colorado since July, and are of course missing friends and family.

IMG_5992 copy

IMG_5993 copy

IMG_5997 copy

IMG_5993 copy

IMG_5997 copy

We got to see Kaite on her way back from Thailand to Colorado, and managed to find Yeouido Park. The second time around the cherry blossoms were gone but we did get to bring Roxie who promptly made a new best friend.

When Kaite left a bout of homesickness set in, and with our friend Dave leaving Korea for grand adventures, spring has brought a strange mix of joy in the beautiful weather and experiences we get to have living here in Korea, and a longing to see friends far away. Luckily, this summer we get to host my mom, brother, grandma, and friend Carissa (and are open to any more takers!) In the meantime, always, I am grateful for where we are and what we are doing, and am making sure everyone knows how much I love them, even from all the way over here.



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