Honey Chip Ice Cream

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One of our favorite dessert discoveries in Korea has been Honey Chip Ice Cream. Basically,  a piece of honeycomb is just chopped directly off a huge honeycomb block and placed on your ice cream, with the warning of the possibility of bees stuck in the honeycomb (luckily we haven’t experienced this yet).

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After I tried it the first time with one of our Korean co-workers, Jo, Ryan and I started noticing honey chip ice cream stores left and right. But some are better than others.

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Softree: Softree has two locations (Hongdae and Garosugil), and was the place that Jo and her friends raved about. This is the place we would recommend; the ice cream is absurdly rich and creamy, and the honeycomb is for some reason a little softer (the honeycomb sometimes has a tendency to leave behind a waxy piece or two in your teeth, but the honeycomb at Softree doesn’t do that as much.) The shop in Hongdae is just a take-out joint with nowhere to sit, and the line is usually curved around a few times (even in the winter!) whereas the one in Garosugil has a few small seating areas and seemed to be a bit less crowded.

IMG_6002 copy

Sweetruck: What we assumed to be a knock-off of Softree (due to the similar names), but may or may not be, we’ve seen Sweetruck locations in Gangnam and Seoul but know that there are branches throughout Seoul and Korea. This is our close second favorite, and was almost as good as Softree. One time the honeycomb seemed much sweeter than normal, almost like the honeycomb itself was made of sugar. We debated whether it was still real honeycomb or some artificial honeycomb creation; who knows?

IMG_6003 copy

Schneeballen: Located in Hongdae, we took Kaite here when she was visiting because Softree was out of honeycomb. The ice cream here wasn’t nearly as rich as at Softree or Sweetruck. It was still a good dessert, but the ice cream wasn’t nearly as rich and creamy. We ended up taking Kaite to Softree when she was back two weeks later.

Wherever you go, the portions are a nice small size for how sweet and rich the dessert is. You can order in a cone or a cup, but it’s best to use the spoon to break up the honeycomb and mix it with the ice cream, so a cup is recommended. Happy eating 🙂



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