Roxie Learns About the Birds and the Bees

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When we got Roxie, she loved being outside, but long walks were not her forte.  A week after adopting her, we walked her to Olympic Park and back (about 4 miles round trip).  She slept solidly for the next two days.  Within a month we were walking to Olympic Park regularly and Roxie was ready to play again after a drink of water at home.  After that we started to work on running.  Unfortunately for me, Roxie has to sniff everything when she is with just me or just Brittany, so she can’t run alone, but if we run together, Roxie can run about a kilometer now without stopping, and anytime we go up or down stairs we go at full speed.  We always break into a run for short intervals during walks.

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With better stamina, Roo was ready for her first hike.  We have to walk about a mile to get to Namhansanseong and then it’s about a 3 mile hike each way.  Roxie started up the mountain like it was no problem.  With her Roo smile we ran ahead of Brittany on the trail and then ran back to Brittany.  Roo wanted to run up the hills and jump up the rocks.




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By the time we neared the top, she was pretty much beat.  She starting deciding random places on the trail were good places to lay down and dragging behind.  But since we were close to the top, we finished the hike and took a long rest at the top.

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IMG_6025 copy

IMG_6029 copy

Roo must have been revamped from her rest, because she turned the downhill course into a playground.  We ran full speed down the mountain true mountain-stumblin’ style.  At the bottom, we gave Roo a break and took a taxi home.  After the 7 difficult miles, she was still better off than her first trip to Olympic Park, but she still passed out for most of the afternoon in her kennel^^

IMG_6032 copy

IMG_6042 copy






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