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The Tourist’s View of Seoul

When my family came to visit this summer, we got the chance to head to some big tourist destinations in Seoul that we hadn’t been to. We even took the Seoul City Tour Bus – a hop-on, hop-off route to all the big tourist spots in Seoul- making us officially tourist material. The bus was a good way for us to get around to a few of the sites without too much walking for my jet-lagged family.

Namsangol Hanok Village

IMG_6148 copy The Hanok Village was surprisingly interesting, mostly because of our volunteer tour guide, Reggie, a high school student practicing his English and nervously sharing historical anecdotes about the different houses.  Continue reading


Korean Baseball: Fighting! Fighting!

For my family’s visit in June, we decided to head to our first Korean baseball game. After watching some games on TV and hearing from others, we anticipated Korean baseball games to be way more fun to attend than American games. We headed to Jamsil stadium to watch the Doosan Bears and the LG Twins.

IMG_6142 copy We attempted to buy tickets online in advance but never did manage to figure it out, so we just showed up at the stadium before the game and bought tickets. At first this seemed bad; the tickets were for a general area without assigned seats, and everyone was sprawled on the empty seats, which were covered with food and blankets. Families were having picnics on the upper walking-area, and I thought we were going to spend the whole game standing up, with my grandma (in her eighties and visiting Korea!) standing the whole time. Luckily, once we started asking around, families very happily moved their jackets and food and other goods and offered us seats. Continue reading

Uisangbong Hike


Uisanbong Hike LabelIn May we met up with a few friends to head to Bukhansan National Park in Seoul for a hike. Ryan had been to the park once before and had an awesome time previously, so we were both excited for the trip. Bukhansan is situated in the middle of Seoul. It’s still so crazy how, with such an overwhelming amount of people and buildings, these mountains just spring up from the middle and are so quiet, clean, and peaceful.

IMG_6056 copy

We ended up taking an entirely different route than Ryan took before. I was a little bit terrified of the steep, slick rocks on the way up, but after being assured that we weren’t going to take the same route on the way back, I felt better. Going down would havebeen really difficult. We used ropes attached to the rocks to haul ourselves up.  There were less people than some other hikes we’ve been on here in Korea, and it was a really fun and challenging hike up. Continue reading