Uisangbong Hike


Uisanbong Hike LabelIn May we met up with a few friends to head to Bukhansan National Park in Seoul for a hike. Ryan had been to the park once before and had an awesome time previously, so we were both excited for the trip. Bukhansan is situated in the middle of Seoul. It’s still so crazy how, with such an overwhelming amount of people and buildings, these mountains just spring up from the middle and are so quiet, clean, and peaceful.

IMG_6056 copy

We ended up taking an entirely different route than Ryan took before. I was a little bit terrified of the steep, slick rocks on the way up, but after being assured that we weren’t going to take the same route on the way back, I felt better. Going down would havebeen really difficult. We used ropes attached to the rocks to haul ourselves up.  There were less people than some other hikes we’ve been on here in Korea, and it was a really fun and challenging hike up.

IMG_6062 copy

IMG_6059 copy

The day was a little hazy so we didn’t get those beautiful views of the city stretching forever before us, but got great views of the mountains surrounding us.

IMG_6095 copy

IMG_6089 copy

Our new friend Hyuna had done this hike countless times. On the way up we had some good chats about yoga, being vegetarian in Korea, and hiking, sneaking in a few yoga poses at the top.

IMG_6088 copy

IMG_6087 copy


IMG_6078 copy

IMG_6076 copy


IMG_6070 copy

IMG_6066 copy

On our way down we came across a giant Buddha situated in the valley floor. We could see him from nearly the top of the mountain and slowly made our way down the valley. Our route took us right on by.

IMG_6112 copy



IMG_6110 copy

And then there were these little guys…

IMG_6122 copy

IMG_6121 copy




IMG_6117 copy



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