Korean Baseball: Fighting! Fighting!

For my family’s visit in June, we decided to head to our first Korean baseball game. After watching some games on TV and hearing from others, we anticipated Korean baseball games to be way more fun to attend than American games. We headed to Jamsil stadium to watch the Doosan Bears and the LG Twins.

IMG_6142 copy We attempted to buy tickets online in advance but never did manage to figure it out, so we just showed up at the stadium before the game and bought tickets. At first this seemed bad; the tickets were for a general area without assigned seats, and everyone was sprawled on the empty seats, which were covered with food and blankets. Families were having picnics on the upper walking-area, and I thought we were going to spend the whole game standing up, with my grandma (in her eighties and visiting Korea!) standing the whole time. Luckily, once we started asking around, families very happily moved their jackets and food and other goods and offered us seats.

IMG_6144 copy IMG_6146 copyThe Korean fans didn’t disappoint; the whole game was spent banging clapsticks together, singing and chanting, and otherwise drinking cheap beer and eating fried chicken which people just carried into the stadium. Ryan even switched allegiances midway through the game because the Doosan Bears  fans were impressively rowdy.

Refrains of “Fighting! Fighting!” repeated throughout the game, a word that sounds more like “Whiting! Whiting!”. Ryan spent days after his marathon trying to translate “whiting” from Korean to English.  It’s chanted at sporting events throughout Korea, like “Go! Go!”.

IMG_6143 copyHopefully we’ll be heading to another game this season!



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