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Flashback Part 1: El Nido

It’s been a cold and loonngg winter, so naturally I’ve been daydreaming about warmer times. And trying to convince myself they actually exist. Could it really have been that warm? In an effort to remember, I was perusing through pictures from our trip to El Nido last year. With the bustle of the summer we never got around to blogging it, but I’ve found it invaluable to look back at old travel posts and remember the details, so I’ll reminisce in a post.


We flew from Seoul to Manila on Cebu Pacific on a 10 PM flight, and of course chose the discount airline that kept the lights on the entire time and blared repeated sales pitches over the loud speaker for Cebu Pacific paraphernalia. For four hours. We landed with a 6 hour layover until our next flight with the intention of sleeping in the airport, but there was nowhere to sleep. The floor was covered with passengers and we couldn’t find anywhere left comfortable or out of the way, so we hung out at a tea shop in a daze until our next flight. 10590679_10152237552206674_7505176778808914224_n

We landed in the tiny airport in Puerto Princesa, Palawan with the plan to take the bus to El Nido, but when we landed we were immediately approached by van providers and figured we would give it a go rather than make our way across town to the bus station. Thus we were ushered into a van for the most terrifying five-hour drive, with our driver hurling around corners and honking at dogs in the road without hitting the brakes. We did make it about two hours earlier than other vans. Continue reading


Kohlrabi Ginger Mandu

img_1008Every week we get a delivery from a local CSA share (Gachi CSA), so frequently previously unknown veggies will show up on our doorstep and we get to be inventive. We first got kohlrabi a few months ago and our friends shared a recipe for veggie pancakes. However, we had a lot of leftover mix and used a bit of the veggie pancake mix as dumpling filling. This time we went straight for the dumplings, using Korean mandu wrappers bought at the grocery store.

img_0996We used one kohlrabi and two fingers of ginger, starting by peeling the kohlrabi and ginger then using the grater. Being impatient, I ended up peeling most of the kohlrabi into little pieces with the peeler, but they ended up a bit too big for dumpling filling. Next time we’ll stay patient and grate it all.  Continue reading