Roxie’s Gotcha Day – 1 Year

It’s been one whole year since we adopted Roxie!!!

In celebration of the milestone we took Roo for a hike in the (almost!) spring weather, let her roll around in some dirt, gifted her a brand new stuffed animal tug toy, and she even (unfortunately) got to partake in her favorite pastime of eating horse poo.

We are so grateful for our little puppy and her infinite cuddles and love. She started out so shy with us but now she’s the biggest cuddle bug. Her regular routine leaves her lodged right between us every morning in bed.


And I still can’t get over her goofy cuddle noises. They bring me infinite joy:

IMG_0618She stomps the floor with her front paws in excitement when we get home (1 minute or 7 hours gone – makes no difference). And then she immediately calms down and gives us love. And, if we’re lucky, we get to see the tongue.

IMG_0966She reminds us to get outside and get moving, to play and have fun.


IMG_0617IMG_0013And she reminds us to laze about and rest when we’re tired.



IMG_0822Roxie has learned a lot over the year – sit, stay, touch, high five (in Korean, of course), and is even starting to get the hang of picking up her own toys.

When we’re away from home we wonder what Roxie’s up to and end up racing home yelling “Roo!”
IMG_0480IMG_0017 IMG_0520 IMG_0825We sure do love Roxie.


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