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Learning About Urban Gardening


IMG_1094Recently my school was invited to a professional development day, meaning we were all obligated to pick from a host of seminars to sit in for the day. I passed up the reading and writing related seminars for Urban Gardening and Mindfulness in the Classroom – both of which ended up being great choices.

For the Urban Gardening information session, we were bussed to a neighboring international school (Chadwick) to chat with two teachers there who started the school garden about four years back. They covered the resources they used to set up their garden as well as integrating the garden into various learning standards for the students.

The garden itself was a project designed by students, so the layout of the garden was a learning opportunity. The school also grows the plants from seed rather than buying starters. They said this saves money, but didn’t catch if they use this as curriculum too. I’d imagine this step could be incorporated into an elementary science unit.  Continue reading


Roxie’s Gotcha Day – 1 Year

It’s been one whole year since we adopted Roxie!!!

In celebration of the milestone we took Roo for a hike in the (almost!) spring weather, let her roll around in some dirt, gifted her a brand new stuffed animal tug toy, and she even (unfortunately) got to partake in her favorite pastime of eating horse poo.

We are so grateful for our little puppy and her infinite cuddles and love. She started out so shy with us but now she’s the biggest cuddle bug. Her regular routine leaves her lodged right between us every morning in bed.


And I still can’t get over her goofy cuddle noises. They bring me infinite joy: Continue reading

A Quick Trip Home

Over my school break I was able to go home to Colorado for the first time in almost a year and a half. Ryan’s vacation schedule is a fraction of mine, so Ryan and Roo stayed behind in Korea.I hate the long flight and was crazy to agree to getting to Colorado after 19 hours of travel then promptly driving to Indiana (an 18 hour drive) to see family there. However my brother ended up not being able to get off work which gave me one day of recovery. Even through a jet-lagged fog, it was wonderful to get a day to spend in Colorado catching up with Carissa and Ryan’s family before heading to Indiana.

In Indiana, I had a measly four days to catch up with family, but got to see everyone and squeeze in a few yoga classes in between. The highlight of the party was of course the babies, my second cousins. IMG_7821 IMG_7806 IMG_7829 IMG_7824

All the baby-holding led to at least seven people forbidding Ryan and me to have babies while abroad. Opinions, opinions.

After a short visit, I flew back to Colorado to catch a bachelorette and engagement party for Elaine. She doesn’t get married til May, but we squeezed in all the parties while she was in Colorado visiting her fiance’s family so we could all go. I’m very grateful that I’m missing as little as possible while living half way around the world. Continue reading

The Last… Half of 2014

2014 led to a pretty strong standstill for the blog, but with a plethora of photos and nowhere to put them, a 2014 recap is in order.

In the fall I took two trips to Seoraksan, once with Ryan and friends, and once as a school trip. The first time we still caught the fall colors, although we were weeks past the rush on the designated “peak foliage” dates 🙂 Unfortunately, there was an intense fog. This hike was the same one we did last year (Ulsanbawi) with sweeping views over the sea and surrounding mountains, but this time we could hardly see past our hands. IMG_7147

IMG_7119The next day of our trip was nice and sunny, perfect for our walk through Heulimgol Valley. Continue reading

From There to Here: Our New Home

After a very fulfilling and extremely busy summer full of visiting friends and family, travel, and work (hopefully the first and only summer with work), we are finally getting back to the blog.

As the year progressed at our first hagwon in Songpa-gu, Seoul, Brittany and I both noticed an overwhelming restlessness that permeated our jobs. Despite our well-intentioned and extremely kind administration, classwork and curriculum were tedious, obviously ineffective, and frankly boring. While we loved our neighborhood and experiences, our apartment was…unique. Being fairly unsatisfied with our jobs and our apartments, but still digging Korea, we got new jobs, and with them, a new city and new friends.

Our new home is just outside of Cheongna-dong in Incheon, Korea. We had pretty low expectations for Cheongna, aka “The emerald of the world” (self-proclaimed). Cheongna is a fairly new development on the outskirts of both Seoul and Incheon. On our original ride out on the train, we couldn’t help but feeling we were moving to the Nebraska of Korea, as the sprawling cityscape gave way to farms and older looking small cities. Continue reading

Korean Baseball: Fighting! Fighting!

For my family’s visit in June, we decided to head to our first Korean baseball game. After watching some games on TV and hearing from others, we anticipated Korean baseball games to be way more fun to attend than American games. We headed to Jamsil stadium to watch the Doosan Bears and the LG Twins.

IMG_6142 copy We attempted to buy tickets online in advance but never did manage to figure it out, so we just showed up at the stadium before the game and bought tickets. At first this seemed bad; the tickets were for a general area without assigned seats, and everyone was sprawled on the empty seats, which were covered with food and blankets. Families were having picnics on the upper walking-area, and I thought we were going to spend the whole game standing up, with my grandma (in her eighties and visiting Korea!) standing the whole time. Luckily, once we started asking around, families very happily moved their jackets and food and other goods and offered us seats. Continue reading

Roxie Learns About the Birds and the Bees

IMG_6013 copy copy

When we got Roxie, she loved being outside, but long walks were not her forte.  A week after adopting her, we walked her to Olympic Park and back (about 4 miles round trip).  She slept solidly for the next two days.  Within a month we were walking to Olympic Park regularly and Roxie was ready to play again after a drink of water at home.  After that we started to work on running.  Unfortunately for me, Roxie has to sniff everything when she is with just me or just Brittany, so she can’t run alone, but if we run together, Roxie can run about a kilometer now without stopping, and anytime we go up or down stairs we go at full speed.  We always break into a run for short intervals during walks. Continue reading