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The Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival copy

Saturday was a day for lights.  The day started with a most dreamlike run, then a hike and picnic, and finally Brittany and I then bundled up for Seoul’s oncoming winter and headed west to Seoul’s magical Lantern Festival.

First thing we see is a guy walking by in a Nazi uniform with a mask on, followed by more Nazis.  This seemed odd (turned out being about recent allegations that the president ordered the national intelligence organization to post negative messages about opposition candidates during the election), and resulted in about 500 cops marching the streets and patrolling the protest.  A most strange start to our evening.

Like all things it Seoul, the Lantern Festival was packed to the gills, but we got in quickly and easily enough and traveled back in time, looking at the lanterns made for Korea’s various dynasties.   These are some of the lanterns that lit us up.


At the end we came to a very sad protest piece about North Korean atrocities with stories from or about individuals repressed or killed under the dictatorship.  And then there was this…